Credit Union Times article featuring Epic River

on May 21, 2024 2:04:35 PM By | Jeff Grobaski | 0 Comments | hospital financing Patient Financing healthcare finance Credit Unions
An article in the most recent edition of ALM's Credit Union Times highlights Epic River growing presence in credit unions and the impact these credit unions can provide a "surprisingly simple solution to disrupt the cycle of inescapable debt."
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Epic River Launches Digital Lending Platform for Credit Unions

on Mar 1, 2024 10:38:00 AM By | Jessica Toney | 0 Comments | Patient Financing Lending as a Service Credit Unions
Epic River, a lending-as-a-service platform provider, has announced the launch of a new digital platform specifically designed for credit unions. This platform aims to facilitate patient financing by connecting credit unions with healthcare providers, thereby expanding credit unions' lending capabilities.
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Community Banks Leverage Local Business Relationships to Fuel Growth

on Feb 1, 2024 4:31:00 PM By | Jeff Grobaski | 0 Comments | banking opportunities Patient Financing Blog
In a recent article for Bank Director, Jeff Grobaski, CEO of Epic River, a lending-as-a-service platform, emphasizes the unique advantage community banks have in fostering local business relationships to drive growth. Key Takeaways: Community Focus: Unlike national banks, community banks have a deeper understanding of their local markets and can build stronger connections with businesses in their communities. Identifying High-Potential Businesses: Grobaski suggests focusing on businesses with top talent, strong community leadership, and those in growth industries, such as healthcare, green energy, and technology. Building Trust: Community banks can leverage personal relationships and referrals to build trust with potential business clients, offering a more personalized experience than larger institutions. Meeting Needs: By understanding the specific needs of local businesses, community banks can tailor financial solutions that cater to their growth and resilience. Grobaski highlights that the pandemic-induced economic stimulus presents a unique opportunity for community banks to capitalize on their local presence and foster relationships with high-performing businesses, ultimately leading to increased deposits, loan demand, and overall growth.
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Podcast: CU 2.0 Episode 276

The U.S. is facing a medical debt crisis, with 41% of adults owing money for healthcare. Many feel hopeless about ever paying it off. However, a Colorado-based company, Epic River, has an innovative solution. Epic River partners with credit unions to take on unpaid medical bills from hospitals. Surprisingly, the credit union takes on zero risk, even without checking borrowers' credit scores. If a debt seems unlikely to be repaid, it's returned to the hospital. This model seems too good to be true, but it works. The credit union's default rate is only 7%, meaning 93% of debtors are making payments. This success is partly because many debtors have good credit scores and want to avoid damaging their financial standing. This unique approach to medical debt relief offers hope for both healthcare providers and patients. To learn more, listen to the CU 2.0 podcast episode featuring Epic River's CEO and the Chief Lending Officer of Clarity Credit Union. It's a financial innovation you won't want to miss!
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Unraveling the Patient Pay Dilemma

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare economics, there has been a disproportionate increase in hospitals' bad debt. Over the past three years, hospitals are grappling with over 45% surge1 in bad debt stemming from self-pay patients post adjudication (11% in 2018 to over 57% in 2021).
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Leveraging BankTech Partnerships to Stay Competitive

on May 11, 2023 11:36:33 AM By | Jeff Grobaski | 0 Comments | Medical Lending Patient Financing Blog Lending as a Service
As technology continues to shape the way we conduct our financial transactions, it's becoming increasingly clear that FinTechs and online lenders are challenging the traditional model of banking. However, community banks are not sitting idle in the face of this disruption. Instead, they are embracing BankTech partnerships to leverage their current suite of services and stay ahead of the curve.
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How to Boost Patient Satisfaction, Increase Retention Rates, and Improve Your Practice's Success

on Feb 13, 2020 6:10:40 PM By | Norman Woolworth | 0 Comments | Patient Financing
According to a recent RAND study, “high-performing” providers excel in the quality of, cost for, and access to care. But that’s not all. The study also showed that patient satisfaction contributes to a practice’s success, especially when it comes to retaining patients.
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3 Reasons a Patient Financing Solution Will Work for You

on Oct 8, 2019 1:09:50 PM By | Jessica Toney | 0 Comments | Patient Financing
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Where Are You Going Wrong? 7 Steps to Successfully Manage Your Revenue Cycle

on Oct 4, 2019 11:32:39 AM By | Jessica Toney | 0 Comments | Patient Financing
Your practice may offer the best services and the best patient experience around, but you could still be losing money. Why? Because you’ve yet to master the 7 steps of revenue cycle management (RCM).
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20 Patient Financing Stats You Need to Know in 2019

on Sep 5, 2019 10:43:06 AM By | Jessica Toney | 0 Comments | Patient Financing
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