Credit Union Times article featuring Epic River

on May 21, 2024 2:04:35 PM By | Jeff Grobaski | 0 Comments | hospital financing Patient Financing healthcare finance Credit Unions
An article in the most recent edition of ALM's Credit Union Times highlights Epic River growing presence in credit unions and the impact these credit unions can provide a "surprisingly simple solution to disrupt the cycle of inescapable debt."
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Epic River & Finastra LaserPro Integration Streamlines Loan Closing Process

on Mar 26, 2024 10:36:00 AM By | Jessica Toney | 0 Comments | Lending as a Service Credit Unions
Epic River, a leading lending-as-a-service platform provider, has announced its integration with Finastra's LaserPro loan documentation system. This partnership aims to significantly streamline the loan closing process for financial institutions by automating data transfer and document generation.
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Epic River Launches Digital Lending Platform for Credit Unions

on Mar 1, 2024 10:38:00 AM By | Jessica Toney | 0 Comments | Patient Financing Lending as a Service Credit Unions
Epic River, a lending-as-a-service platform provider, has announced the launch of a new digital platform specifically designed for credit unions. This platform aims to facilitate patient financing by connecting credit unions with healthcare providers, thereby expanding credit unions' lending capabilities.
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Finopotamus' 2024 Wish List Featuring Epic River's Jeff Grobaski

on Dec 25, 2023 2:11:00 PM By | Melanie Kim | 0 Comments | Blog Credit Unions
In this first installment of Finopotamus' annual "Holiday Tech Wish List" series, fintech and credit union executives share their technology aspirations for 2024. Philip Paul, CEO of Cotribute, highlights the need for streamlined account opening processes for credit unions, emphasizing the importance of automation and a seamless user experience to attract and retain members in the face of competition from consumer fintechs. Other executives, including Epic River's CEO, Jeff Grobaski, also share their wishes, ranging from integrating advanced technologies to enhance operational efficiency to adopting solutions that prioritize profitability and member satisfaction. The series promises to offer valuable insights into the evolving technology landscape for financial institutions and the innovative solutions they seek to implement in the coming year.
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Podcast: CU 2.0 Episode 276

The U.S. is facing a medical debt crisis, with 41% of adults owing money for healthcare. Many feel hopeless about ever paying it off. However, a Colorado-based company, Epic River, has an innovative solution. Epic River partners with credit unions to take on unpaid medical bills from hospitals. Surprisingly, the credit union takes on zero risk, even without checking borrowers' credit scores. If a debt seems unlikely to be repaid, it's returned to the hospital. This model seems too good to be true, but it works. The credit union's default rate is only 7%, meaning 93% of debtors are making payments. This success is partly because many debtors have good credit scores and want to avoid damaging their financial standing. This unique approach to medical debt relief offers hope for both healthcare providers and patients. To learn more, listen to the CU 2.0 podcast episode featuring Epic River's CEO and the Chief Lending Officer of Clarity Credit Union. It's a financial innovation you won't want to miss!
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