Community Banks Leverage Local Business Relationships to Fuel Growth

Posted by Jeff Grobaski | Feb 1, 2024 4:31:00 PM

In a recent article for Bank Director, Jeff Grobaski, CEO of Epic River, a lending-as-a-service platform, emphasizes the unique advantage community banks have in fostering local business relationships to drive growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Community Focus: Unlike national banks, community banks have a deeper understanding of their local markets and can build stronger connections with businesses in their communities.
  • Identifying High-Potential Businesses: Grobaski suggests focusing on businesses with top talent, strong community leadership, and those in growth industries, such as healthcare, green energy, and technology.
  • Building Trust: Community banks can leverage personal relationships and referrals to build trust with potential business clients, offering a more personalized experience than larger institutions.
  • Meeting Needs: By understanding the specific needs of local businesses, community banks can tailor financial solutions that cater to their growth and resilience.

Grobaski highlights that the pandemic-induced economic stimulus presents a unique opportunity for community banks to capitalize on their local presence and foster relationships with high-performing businesses, ultimately leading to increased deposits, loan demand, and overall growth.


Read the Original Press Release:

 Bank Director - How Banks Can Leverage Local Business Relationship to Fuel Growth

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Written by Jeff Grobaski

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