How Hospitals are Helping Patients Pay Their Bills

Posted by Norman Woolworth | Sep 16, 2020 11:21:42 AM

It seems the forced moratorium on medical bill litigation that accompanied the coronavirus shut down over the spring has ended. Recently, the number of hospitals and patients suing one another has increased. Sick and injured people shouldn’t have to choose between buying groceries or paying their bills. On the other hand, healthcare providers not compensated for services may be forced into bankruptcy. At last count, 42 hospitals closed or filed for bankruptcy this year, with more expected in the coming months. 

Fortunately, there IS a better way! At Epic River, we provide a patient lending solution that benefits hospitals, patients, providers, local financial institutions, and the medical industry as a whole. Keep reading to learn how hospitals are helping patients pay their bills, resulting in less litigation and a positive resolution for all.

Patients Suing Hospitals

When a patient schedules a procedure, or seeks emergency treatment, they typically receive an itemized bill for payment. Unfortunately, patients are often unsettled by the amount invoiced. 

Upset by the charges and unable to pay, some patients turn to litigation. At Epic River -- we understand that most patients want to pay their medical bills -- but often feel overwhelmed by the high cost of healthcare. Our patient payment program safeguards their financial well-being while ensuring proper payment for their provider.

Hospitals Suing Patients

Hospital bills add up quickly. Even patients with insurance often drown in healthcare debt resulting from mounting co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles. Typically, when a patient communicates to the hospital that they can’t afford the bills, the facility negotiates. The hospital may lower the bill, offer a payment plan, or refer the patient to a financial assistance program or charity. When a patient ignores the bills or refuses to pay, hospitals usually write them off as bad debt or sell them to a collection agency. 

In the current climate, however -- between the COVID crisis and complicated reimbursement models – hospitals are often forced to sue patients just to recover the revenue needed to stay operational.

According to researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in 2017, hospitals in Virginia sued patients nearly 20,000 times and garnished their wages over 9,000 times. 

At Epic River, we appreciate the difficulty hospitals face while trying to maintain balance between patient care and payment for services. Our lending solution secures full compensation for providers, up front, while establishing affordable payments for their patients.

Everyone Wins

Patients deserve quality care they can afford, while hospitals and healthcare providers are entitled to timely payment for services. Thankfully, Epic River provides a patient lending solution where everyone wins!

Our all ships rise together approach leverages local banks and credit unions to fund guaranteed, low-interest patient loans that provide immediate provider payment for patient services. 

The result:

  • Providers improve their cash flow so they can focus on patient care
  • Patients pay-off their medical bills through affordable monthly payments
  • Community banks and credit unions benefit from new loan opportunities

If you’re ready to learn more about the litigation-free way hospitals are helping patients pay their bills, contact us today!


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Written by Norman Woolworth

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