Why Medical Loan Financing is a Sustainable and Scalable Investment Opportunity for Banks

Posted by Jessica Toney | Jun 14, 2019 12:48:46 PM

Despite their differences, banks and healthcare providers have many common interests.

Providers want to build a sustainable business model and grow via investments. Private investors have long helped them do so. And, according to this study, those investments have generated impressive returns.

It’s no wonder that smart banks are getting in on the action, offering lending services to providers and patients.

Is your bank searching for a sustainable and scalable opportunity in healthcare? Keep reading to learn why you should be investing in services like medical loan financing.

Medical Loan Financing is a Sustainable and Scalable Opportunity

Community and countrywide health has been and will continue to be a key economic opportunity.

Over the past 13 years, healthcare indices have risen 160% in comparison to the economic growth rate of 20-25%. The health index is projected to continue to perform well since the demand for medical services is also rising.

As incomes increase and urbanization spreads, the need for medical services goes up. But the health industry needs capital if it is to handle this growing demand.

There are seemingly endless opportunities for banks to invest in health and to aid in industry growth. Providers want loans for medical equipment and patients are seeking out new ways to pay for care.

Getting involved with the medical industry isn’t just a strategic move for your portfolio. It also affects the health of your company.

Investing in Health Affects Your Profitability

When you invest in healthcare services, you’re investing in your employees’ well being. And when your employees aren’t suffering from health conditions, they’re making you money.

Demand for services like medical loan financing will continue to increase. It’s time to start thinking about your healthcare lending portfolio to assure you’re not missing out on this highly profitable industry.

If your bank is looking to profit from a relationship with the health industry, learn more about partnering with Epic River’s patient lending program.

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