The No Surprises Act and Medical Lending: 2 Solutions to the Surprise Medical Bill Phenomena

Posted by Jessica Toney | Sep 17, 2019 12:26:48 PM

A bill recently passed through the House Energy and Commerce Committee known as the No Surprises Act intends to address the surprise medical bill phenomenon.

Unexpected bills are typically accrued when patients unknowingly seek out-of-network care. But this phenomenon isn’t only costing patients. Because when patients can’t pay, your revenues suffer.

If you’ve been searching for a way to prevent surprise medical bills for patients, the No Surprises Act may be your answer. Yet this bill isn’t the only solution. Keep reading to find out how medical lending can help your patients pay for surprise bills they can’t afford.

The No Surprises Act

Though it may be months yet before we see the bill in its final form, the No Surprises Act is primed to address the problem of surprise medical bills.

For patients, this means more protections when seeing out-of-network physicians at in-network facilities. The bill will even protect patients when seeking emergency services at out-of-network facilities. This is promising considering both of these issues are central to the rise in surprise medical bills.

Meanwhile, providers and payers alike would see more restrictions on charging out-of-network rates. And with the recent addition of an arbitration act, physicians gain the power to appeal in-network federal benchmark rates greater than $1250.

Medical Lending for Surprise Medical Bills

While providers wait for two more House Committees to pass along the No Surprises Act, there’s another solution to your surprise medical bill problem. A solution you can take advantage of now.

Medical lending helps patients pay for medical bills they can’t afford. All patients are approved for financing regardless of creditworthiness. And best of all, your revenues won’t suffer since you’re paid upfront and in full for services rendered

Want to improve your revenues by offsetting the effects of the surprise medical bill phenomenon? Contact Epic River today to find out why our patient lending program is the solution you need.

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Written by Jessica Toney

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