The Changing Relationship between Healthcare Providers and Third Party Vendors Like Medical Lending

Posted by Jessica Toney | Jun 21, 2019 10:53:17 AM

Improving the use of IT is a top priority for providers in 2019.

Before this year, improving IT meant working with vendors who didn’t understand your business needs. Yet according to the 2019 edition of the annual HIMSS survey, that’s changing.

Curious about the evolving relationship between vendors and providers? Keep reading and stick around until the end to learn about Epic River’s medical lending program.

Vendors and Providers Working Together

In 2019, vendors and providers are working together to solve the biggest problems in healthcare. This is in comparison to previous years when their interests diverged.

Providers and vendors were interviewed for the HIMSS survey. Both groups listed data security and improving quality outcomes as top IT priorities. Additionally, providers and vendors agree that there will be an increased demand for IT resources this year.

This is an exciting prospect for healthcare industry growth. As long as vendor and provider interests remain aligned, technology innovations should be better suited to solve big healthcare industry problems.

Limited IT Staff is a Top Problem to Address

One of the biggest problems facing hospitals and other care facilities is the need for IT leaders.

Hospitals are starting to hire more IT employees, but this isn’t the case for non-acute care organizations. The HIMSS study shows that non-acute providers are experiencing very limited growth in regard to new IT staff.

Providers with a shortage of IT employees may have difficulty keeping up with future innovations. But choosing the right vendors can help offset this problem.

Medical Lending Vendors for Healthcare Providers

The IT revolution in healthcare is poised to involve some serious returns for hospitals and practices. But in order to see optimal ROI, providers need to choose the right vendors.

When searching for an IT vendor, prioritize companies whose interests are aligned with your business needs and that can supplement your IT staffing issues.

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