Notary@Epic River Enhances Both The Banking And The Borrower Experience

Posted by Jessica Toney | Mar 23, 2021 5:42:27 PM

pic River has been a premier lending innovator for over a decade. Through the Platform@EpicRiver, community banks and credit unions have been able to better serve their communities through a variety of online lending programs. Our latest solution focused on driving fee income, Notary@EpicRiver, speeds up the lending process and leverages existing on-staff notaries.

Timing and availability of notaries has always been a pain point with respect to the loan process. Notary@Epic River solves this headache by facilitating the notarizations required during the loan process remotely. The system maintains the efficacy of the loan process, as well as the continuity between the borrower and the lending institution. Epic River’s cloud-hosted financial products are currently in use by over 1,100 financial institutions nationwide.

The Epic River process is simple. First, the bank initiates the signing process and authenticates the identity of the signer. Once the identity is verified, the signer begins the eSigning process. When the signer arrives at a document requiring notarization, a bank staff member joins the signing session with the signer, verifies the signer’s identification and all notarizations are completed.

“Notary@EpicRiver was designed to help lenders reach their goals and ensure their loans don’t get held up by a borrower needing to find a notary or a notarization being done incorrectly. Adding a fully remote notarization option gives the bank more control and the borrower a more convenient experience.” - Jeff Grobaski, Founder and CEO, Epic River

Since the onset of the COVID-19 emergency, numerous states have put measures in place to help notaries carry out their duties online. Notary@EpicRiver exceeds the criteria defined by each state. Notary@EpicRiver is available today throughout the entire United States.


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Written by Jessica Toney

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