Patients Need Loans

Posted by Jessica Toney | Feb 17, 2015 7:59:56 AM

How's this for a three pack of charts assembled by our friends at the Huffington Post?

Americans spend more than anyone else on healthcare.

Americans don't go to the doctor very frequently (probably because we don't know how we're going to pay for it).

AND we don't live very long (probably because we don't go to the doctor very often).

Am I the only one who thinks my elementary school children can figure out this daunting logic puzzle?  While there is a bigger problem at work here, we can't help but open our eyes to the fact that most people probably are making healthcare decisions based on tight family cash flow.  That's a hard decision to make.

While MyLoans™ can't make you live longer, if you can work the cost of medical procedures or unexpected care into your monthly budget, you will probably make better decisions about whether or not you should go to the doctor and that will only help all of us in the long run.

About MyLoans™
By providing patients with fast access to medical loans at a fair and unchanging interest rate, the MyLoans™ software by Epic River enables financial institutions to ease the financial stress of health care through collaboration with medical providers. Not only can medical providers offer patient financing between banks and patients for medical care needs, but doctors and hospitals alike can finally get immediate funding of their patient’s outstanding balances. Additionally, financial institutions gain new customers and interest income with little administrative overhead in exchange for servicing the loan. For more information, visit

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Written by Jessica Toney

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