Not Your Mama's Office

Posted by Jessica Toney | Feb 9, 2015 7:55:59 AM

When Epic River began planning the build out of the company's new office space at the Rocky Mountain Center of Innovation and Technology, one of the recurring themes was to make the space innovative to mirror the cutting-edge software that has become Epic River's trademark.  Teaming with the locally owned and operated Mac Electric Company, the two entities began to share the same vision for an energy efficient lighting system.

But energy efficiency was just the beginning.  Simple on and off light switches were replaced with luminaires and dimmers, and a state-of-the-art LED lighting system became the end result.  Mac Electric added the Cree Smart Cast control system, which allows office lights to shut off automatically in uninhabited offices.  So when the conference room is empty over the lunch hour, Epic River employees can focus on their off-site business lunches instead of wondering whether the lights were left on at the office.

Check out Mac Electric's case study for more information.

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Written by Jessica Toney

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