MyLoans™ - An Innovative Approach to Patient Financing

Posted by Jessica Toney | Jun 11, 2013 8:28:10 AM

Have you ever left an orthodontic office trying to convince yourself that character building might just be an okay alternative for Timmy rather than figuring out a way to cover the cost of braces for the next three years? Because really, there has got to be a limited number of jokes that one can create with protruding teeth as the topic. Or maybe it's that elective surgery not covered by insurance that you truly require. Whatever the need, the ability to apply for and secure patient financing for medical services has been an arduous process...until now.

With the introduction of MyLoans™ by Epic River, consumer loans to patients of medical professionals just got easier, much quicker, and more trustworthy. MyLoans™ allows banks to empower medical providers to create financing quotes and loan agreements directly for their patients right in the hospital or doctor's office. Instead of pointing patients to high-interest credit cards, providers can offer patients an accurate quote in minutes, which lessens the wait time before medical services can begin.

Director of Business Development and Account Management at Epic River, Jeff Grobaski said, "We've aligned everyone's best interests. The patient gets an immediate and achievable payment plan, the provider gets an immediate payment of the receivable and the bank gets new interest revenue with very low overhead. It's cliche to say, but everyone really does win."

How the Program Creates Patient Financing

The MyLoans™ software allows bank officials to deepen their relationship with medical providers. The medical provider can provide a much needed service to their patients' needs, and the patient can pay for the procedure without running up huge credit card balances.

Patient financing is no longer a painful process, and that's something that even Timmy can smile about. For more information, contact MyLoans™ at or via phone at 970.292.5045 ext. 5067.  You can also check us out online at or via social media.

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Written by Jessica Toney

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