Medical Credit Card Debt Providers Forced to Add Consumer Protection

Posted by Jessica Toney | Aug 29, 2013 10:23:16 AM

debt-providers-forced-to-add-consumer-protectionMedical credit card debt has been around basically since the inception of credit cards, but as time goes on things are getting worse, not better.  As more companies enter the medical credit card market, the need for laws and regulation increase.  In a recent inquiry by the New York State Attorney General's office, a settlement was reached requiring the medical credit card provider to modify its practices by limiting charges, requiring clearer disclosures of higher interest rates and not giving kickbacks, rebates, compensation, or in-kind services to any health care provider in exchange for its success in generating card business.

According to the settlement agreement, this numbers are staggering for just this one medical credit card provider:

  • issued its credit cards to more than 535,000 people through 7,800 medical providers just in New York state.
  • an average of 68 credit card holders per medical practice
  • has approximately 160,000 health care providers under contract
  • Using the state of New York as a baseline, that works out to almost 11 MILLION PEOPLE charging their medical procedures and care to high interest credit cards provided by this company.

This is not good for the state of our economy.  Not only are these numbers shocking, when you put them together with the penalty interest rates the cardholders are charged if they do not pay off their balance during the "promotion" period it creates a situation that is ideal for the medical credit card provider and terrible for everyone else. According to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman,

"The explosion of medical credit card debt is a major concern for many New Yorkers, particularly low and middle-income households and vulnerable seniors.  The problem is made even worse by those who encourage high-pressure sales tactics in our health care settings and companies who charge outlandishly high interest rates."

An Alternative to High Interest Medical Credit Cards

The MyLoans™ software allows banks and medical providers to work together to provide patients with fast access to a medical loan at a fair and unchanging interest rate, provided by a federally insured and fully regulated financial institution. The medical providers still get immediate funding of their accounts receivables. The bank gets a new customer and interest income in exchange for servicing the loan. So in a time when medical credit card companies are taking advantage of the lack of options available to patients, MyLoans™ provides an opportunity for banks and medical providers to work together and provide a much better alternative for patients.

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