Harvard Business Review is Right - Lending Technology is the Key

Posted by Jessica Toney | Nov 24, 2014 9:21:35 AM

smallbusinessloansHarvard Business Review article postulated that lending technology could play a significant role in reviving America's small businesses.  It's a captivating read.  They pull out some fascinating numbers like these charts to show just how hard hit small businesses were and how long the road to recovery can be.  As a founder of Epic River, I can relate.  The cash flow concerns of small businesses can be crippling.  When you put those concerns together with an economy struggling to hold it together, you see why HBR thinks technology aimed at improved access to loans for small businesses could really make an impact on the economy of the entire country.

You've probably read enough of my posts to realize that the MyLoans tie-in can't be too far around the corner.  Well, here it is.  MyLoans Healthcare Financing™ is one of those lending technologies.  While online lending options like Funding Circle, LendingClub and Fundera are great technologies and play to the masses, MyLoans is focusing on one very specific vertical market and is offered directly to traditional lenders.  In the article, the author hits on exactly the situation we have been witnessing for the last year:

These entrants may also push traditional lenders such as large banks and credit card companies to adopt new innovations, and use their large stores of borrower data and existing relationships with small businesses as a competitive advantage.

smallbusinesseswerehitAs the new technologies in the lending space get a foothold and offer fantastic service to their lenders and borrowers, MyLoans is perfectly positioned to be one of the innovative new options for traditional financial institutions.  By leveraging relationships with existing hospitals, medical practices, and medical centers, MyLoans banks and credit unions are able to meet the needs of the small businesses in their communities in a fully regulated manner as not to open up the public  to unfair lending practices or unnecessary risks to personal credit.

The more we talk to banks and review the shocking numbers around patient financing, we become more and more convinced the traditional lending institutions deploying MyLoans Healthcare Financing are head-and-shoulders above the rest of their market, and they will be the architects of the economic stabilization.

About MyLoans Healthcare Financing™

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