"Affordable" means something different to everyone

Posted by Jessica Toney | Mar 2, 2015 9:08:00 AM

I see the word "affordable" used in conjunction with "healthcare" a lot.  Even more now that there is a little known bill that made its way to law called the "Affordable Care Act."

Heck, if you type "aff" into a Google search the top four suggested searches are:


So basically this means more people search for four the affordable care act in four different ways more than they search for...oh I don't know..."affordable housing" or "affordable car insurance."  In the eyes of the biggest database of consumer habits, the word "affordable" now belongs to healthcare.  I hope no one else needed it for anything because its busy.  Find a different word.  Maybe that's why the gecko says "15 minutes can save you..." It's because they couldn't use "affordable."

But I digress.

The problem as I see it is "affordable" can mean significantly different things to different people.  To some people, paying $5,000 to have a baby is affordable.  To some people, that amount could be life altering and perhaps medical bankruptcy inducing. When I see articles by large healthcare providers, like this one from Kaiser Permanente, I agree with them wholeheartedly and I think they're on a great path.  However, I think its going to take A LONG TIME to get to a point where everyone agrees that healthcare is affordable.

We know bank loans for medical procedures doesn't solve the underlying problem, but it does solve the very real problem for very real people.  Patient financing through MyLoans™ allows someone to take something that is not affordable and break it down into bite size pieces to make it fit into their monthly budget so it becomes affordable.

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Written by Jessica Toney

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