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Posted by Jessica Toney | Mar 19, 2019 9:22:43 AM

If you need money for care your insurance won’t cover, medical loan financing can help.

According to, some of the most common elective medical procedures range from $2,400 to almost $30,000. Insurance companies will help you pay for these procedures, but only if they deem them necessary. That means your insurance company can call the procedure “unnecessary,” leaving you to cover the full cost.

So what exactly are unnecessary elective procedures and surgeries? How can patient loans help you pay for them? Read on to find out.

What are Unnecessary Elective Medical Services?
Unnecessary elective procedures are those your insurance company won’t pay for. These are surgeries you choose to have for personal reasons rather than care you need to function.

Yet those struggling with weight loss or wanting to prevent appendicitis may feel different about the necessity of bariatric surgery or an appendectomy.

Many people forego a procedure or surgery they feel is necessary because they can’t pay upfront and in full. Instead, patients can use medical loan financing to cover the cost of unnecessary elective surgeries and procedures.

Why use Medical Loan Financing to Pay
Patient loans help you get the “unnecessary” elective care you need without costing you a fortune.

All patients are approved for medical loan financing without a credit check and you make low-interest payments that fit your budget. Best of all, you use your healthcare loan for the services you need regardless of whether the insurance company deems them necessary.

Epic River’s patient lending program connects patients with the best medical loans for surgery. Applying for a patient loan and making payments is easy through our online portal.

Next time the insurance company refuses to cover a procedure you need, let Epic River lend you a hand.

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