Here’s the Number 1 Strategy for Improving Patient Experience

Posted by Jessica Toney | Jul 23, 2019 9:27:00 AM

According to healthcare C-levels, improving the consumer experience is a top priority in 2019. And this is especially true for CXOs within competitive markets. It’s no wonder when NRC and CHRISTUS Health have found that convenience is the top factor a prospective patient will use to choose a primary provider.

And the #1 strategy providers are using to improve patient interactions? Investing in consumer-oriented technologies like medical lending programs. If you’re searching for technology to improve the consumer experience at your practice, this is for you.

What is Consumer-Oriented Technology?

A recent survey by Docent Health found that technology is the driving force for patient-centered care.

A whopping 93% of providers use something as simple as a telephone call to improve the consumer experience. Meanwhile, up to 90% of practices and hospitals are using more advanced technologies like Electronic Health Records and patient portals.

Online bill pay and payment plan solutions are also popular with providers. Bill pay technology allows patients the convenience of paying online rather than having to mail payments. And financing options are vital for helping HDHP patients pay high medical bills.

When you use consumer-oriented technology to improve patient experience at your practice, you’ll attract new patients and retain the loyal patients you don’t want to lose to the competition.

Medical Lending Improves the Consumer Experience

Offering your patients the convenience of a low-interest medical loan helps improve your consumer-oriented approach.

With Epic River’s medical lending program, all patients are approved for financing. Borrowers can conveniently access their loan information via a simple-to-use online portal. And best of all, patients can easily pay off their medical bills with a plan that suits their unique budget.

Is your practice searching for a consumer-oriented technology to help patients pay their medical debts? Learn more about our patient lending program or contact us to start using our products today.

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