How Health Care Loans Help Improve HCAHPS Scores

Posted by Jessica Toney | Mar 3, 2019 8:26:35 AM

Healthcare providers are looking for new ways to improve patient care since patient satisfaction is vital for good HCAHPS scores.

One area to focus on is the increasingly estranged relationship between providers and patients. Patients want more information and communication from providers. This is especially true when it comes to paying for care.

If your HCAHPS scores are low, you need a new strategy for improving patient satisfaction.

Here’s how health care loans can help.

Health Care Loans Give Patients More Choices
Patients want more choices and fewer restrictions that they aren't getting from traditional payment methods. They want the power to choose repayment plans that fit their unique budget.

Providers can give patients that power with health care loans. Patients are connected with loan options and choose from a range of repayment plans that suit their needs.

When you help your patients get the care they need and a payment method to help them cover the costs, they'll score you higher on the HCAHPS.

Medical Loans Make Financial Responsibility Transparent
Patients hate waiting until the bill arrives to find out how much they owe. They want to know their financial responsibilities upfront and in terms they understand.

Informing patients about medical loans helps start a conversation about the cost of services. With health care loans, patients know what they owe and exactly how long they’ll be paying it.

Fiscal transparency builds communication and trust between patients and healthcare providers, leading to higher HCAHPS scores.

Epic River's patient lending program helps healthcare providers boost HCAHPS score. All patients are approved for loan repayment options, making financial responsibility completely transparent. If you want to improve HCAHPS scores in 2019, tell your patients about Epic River's lending program.

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Written by Jessica Toney

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