Claims Management Market Forecast: Factors Decreasing Demand Won’t Affect Health Care Loans Services

Posted by Jessica Toney | May 28, 2019 10:55:41 AM

A Persistent Market Research report shows that claims management solutions will continue to dominate until at least 2025. That is, as long as these solutions can outpace the factors affecting their demand: cyber security and ROI worries.

Due to its unique strategies and goals, though, these factors won’t affect the patient lending sector of the claims management market. This is great news for banks wondering how to expand your healthcare services portfolio without incurring unnecessary risk.

Want to know why health care loans are different than other claims management solutions? Keep reading to find out.

Cyber Attacks and Rises in Cyber Crime
Healthcare providers worry about keeping patient information safe from cyber criminals. Hacking and IT security problems have been on the rise. In 2015 alone, over 113 million patient records were stolen or exposed because of data breaches.

It’s no wonder then that the worry about cyber security is most likely to affect claims management software demand.

Initial Investment
A second factor affecting demand will be ROI. Many providers forget to factor in all the costs associated with a new claims management strategy. Factors that may include:

  • Installation fees
  • Staff training costs
  • Technology maintenance

There are also licensing and subscription fees to consider, which account for the majority of the initial investment cost of claims management software.

How These Factors will Affect Health Care Loans
If you’re looking to diversify your services portfolio, the healthcare claims management software industry is an excellent place to start. Yet you may still worry that these two factors make the market too severe a risk.

Medical loans bypass issues of cyber security and worries about ROI. Cyber criminals won’t have access to patient data during a hack since these loans don’t require credit checks. And ROI isn’t a worry either because loan programs are implemented at no cost to the provider.

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Written by Jessica Toney

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