Expecting the Unexpected: How Medical Lending Can Help Patients Pay Their Medical Bills

Posted by Jessica Toney | Oct 21, 2019 10:17:40 AM

Unexpected medical bills are a major concern for 67% of patients. And according to NPR, that’s more than the percentage of people who worry about the cost of food, rent, and even gas.

Surprise medical bills are a popular topic of late with new state legislation banning the practice. Yet stories of surprise billing are still emerging, showing how damaging this problem can really be for your patients.

Keep reading for 3 stories about devastating surprise medical bills and learn how to help patients pay with medical lending.

1. The Patient Who Ran into Charity Care Barriers

In 2016, KHN reported on a patient who sought care for a pain in her abdomen. With no insurance and two young children at home, the patient requested financial aid to cover the cost of care. Instead, she received a surprise bill for more than $800—a debt she had to damage her credit to cover.

2. The Patient Who Had a Heart Attack and Got a $100k Bill

NPR recently interviewed a patient who was rushed to the ER for a heart attack in 2017. Implanted stints saved his life, but the cost nearly put him into debt. Despite having insurance, he sought care at an out-of-network hospital and later got a bill for more than $100,000.

3. The Patient who Went In-Network and Got an Out-of-Network Bill

Earlier in 2019, Vox covered the story of a patient who went to an in-network surgeon for spinal surgery. When the bill arrived, though, she discovered the surgeon had made a mistake-- he wasn’t in-network. Her insurance only covered a portion of the $101,000 bill and the patient was stuck with more than $35,000 in out-of-pocket responsibilities.

Help Patients Pay with Medical Lending

As a provider, your job is to help patients, not hurt them. But when surprise bills are unavoidable, the patient experience suffers.

Next time your patients can’t afford the cost of care, you need to tell them about Epic River’s medical lending program. All patients are approved for low-interest loans regardless of creditworthiness and have the option to pay their bills over time. Contact us today to find out how our program can help avoid a surprise billing story at your hospital.

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Written by Jessica Toney

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