Epic River Patient Lending Program Now Available to Patients and Providers via the Epic App Orchard

Posted by Jessica Toney | Apr 21, 2020 11:42:12 AM



Loveland, Colorado, April 21, 2020Epic River, the winning loan solution for both patients and providers, is proud to announce the release of the Epic River Patient Lending app on the Epic App Orchard. Patients and providers now have turn-key online access to the Epic River loan program.

With more than half of the hospitals and medical practices in the U.S. already leveraging Epic software for their EMRs, this puts the Epic River Patient Lending program right at their fingertips. “Providers can instantly activate the Epic River loan program which gives their patients access to guaranteed, low-interest loans funded by local banks and credit unions,” explained Epic River CEO Jeff Grobaski. “Best of all, 100% of patients qualify regardless of their credit history.”

One of the biggest advantages of the Epic River app is the ability for patients to self-enroll in the loan program. This is significant because it removes the stigma that many patients fear when disclosing personal financial information. Through the online patient portal, individuals can discreetly explore their loan options from the privacy of their own homes. 

“The ease of use of new solutions in the billing office is critical to their success. Deep integration helps avoid the wasted time and effort that comes with unnecessary errors often committed with duplicate-entry and multiple systems. If a solution is fully integrated with Epic, the speed of implementation and training, as well as the effectiveness of using the system, improve significantly.” Andrew Wade, Senior Strategic Advisor and Director of Revenue Cycle Systems.

Not only does the Epic River loan program empower patients to affordably pay their medical expenses, but it shifts the responsibility of billing to the local bank or credit union. This is a huge benefit to medical providers who are all too often bogged down with billing. Once a patient self-enrolls in the Epic River loan program online, the bank pays the provider for the patient’s portion of the bill and seamlessly takes over invoicing and payment processing.

“The Epic River lending solution works because everyone wins. Patients get the care they need with a monthly payment they can afford, providers receive full and timely compensation for their services, and local financial institutions generate revenue from new loans,” said Grobaski.


About Epic River

Since 2005, the Epic River Patient Lending Platform™ helps solve healthcare’s biggest problems by facilitating relationships between thousands of financial institutions and healthcare organizations to provide low-interest patient loans. Community banks and credit unions gain new customers, providers focus on care instead of collections, and patients are liberated from potentially ruinous financial burdens. For information, visit


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