Epic River Partners with athenahealth to Offer No-Cost Solution for Patient Nonpayment

Posted by Jessica Toney | Jul 19, 2018 11:06:20 AM

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Financial solution software provider Epic River has partnered with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s ‘More Disruption Please’ (MDP) program to offer its innovative, point-of-service patient lending solution to athenahealth’s network of 114,000 healthcare providers.
Joining with Epic River may be one of the best things we have ever done financially for our company


Epic River, a financial solution software provider serving the healthcare and banking industries, today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s ‘More Disruption Please’ (MDP) program. As part of the athenahealth Marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to athenahealth’s growing network of 114,000 healthcare providers, enabling them to receive payment at the point of service by offloading patient debts to partnering financial institutions.

“Traditionally, providers have been forced to absorb losses from patient nonpayment – substantially driving up risk to the provider and cost of healthcare across the board,” said Jeffrey Grobaski, CEO, Epic River. “With our solution, providers are matched with banks that offer low-interest patient loans regardless of creditworthiness to substantially streamline billing, improve collection rates, and protect relationships between patients and providers – all at no cost to the providers themselves.”

“Joining with Epic River may be one of the best things we have ever done financially for our company,” said athenahealth user Jim Keady, owner, Keady Family Practice in Charlestown, New Hampshire. “The Epic River solution completely changed our profitability ratios to quickly put one of our clinics in the black for the first time.”

athenahealth is a network-enabled, results-oriented services company that offers medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services for hospital and ambulatory clients. The company’s vision is to build a national health information backbone to help make healthcare work as it should. As an MDP partner, Epic River joins a network of like-minded healthcare professionals who are looking to disrupt established approaches in healthcare that simply aren’t working, aren’t good enough, or aren’t advancing the industry and help providers thrive in the face of industry change.

To learn more about Epic River’s new integrated application, please visit its product listing page on the Marketplace.

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Founded in 2005, Epic River delivers innovative software solutions to streamline and accelerate payment processes for healthcare providers, financial institutions and patients. Our unique offering allows providers to offload nonpayment risk by partnering with banks and credit unions to create low-interest patient loan agreements. Learn more at

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