Epic River Bridges Healthcare Financing Gap with New Credit Union Lending Platform

Posted by Melanie Kim | Mar 4, 2024 2:08:00 PM

Epic River has introduced a new platform designed to connect credit unions with healthcare providers, opening up new avenues for financing in the healthcare sector. This innovative approach aims to benefit both credit unions and healthcare providers by offering a simplified and streamlined lending process.

For healthcare providers, this platform can provide a much-needed source of reliable cash flow through patient loans. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller practices or those facing financial challenges. On the other hand, credit unions can tap into a new source of high-quality loans, potentially expanding their portfolio and increasing interest income opportunities.

Epic River's solution focuses on making the lending process more accessible and efficient. By facilitating loans between credit unions and healthcare providers, the platform indirectly supports patients by offering them more manageable payment options for medical bills.

This new platform could mark a significant shift in healthcare financing, demonstrating the potential of collaboration between financial institutions and healthcare providers. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, innovative solutions like this could play a crucial role in ensuring financial sustainability and accessibility for all stakeholders.

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 PYMNTS - Epic River Intros Credit Union Lending Platform for Healthcare Providers

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Written by Melanie Kim

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