Are Your Employees Burnt Out? Here’s How Health Care Loans Can Help

Posted by Jessica Toney | Feb 19, 2020 7:25:57 PM

A recent poll of 1,746 healthcare leaders found that 73% of them feel wither somewhat or completely burnt out. Burnout stems from intense and prolonged workplace stress. When it goes untreated, burnout can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, which may manifest as feelings of depersonalization and diminished personal accomplishment.

While it may not be a medical condition, burnout can be debilitating. That’s why we came up with a solution to help. Searching for ways to combat physician and nurse burnout in your workplace? Keep reading to find out what leads to burnout and how you can stop it with health care loans.

What Leads to Burnout and What Can You Do About it?

While any chronic work-related stress may lead to burnout, experts suggest that lack of control, workplace conflict, or too much work is most commonly to blame. It stands to reason, then, that addressing these issues will make your organization a healthier, happier place to work. And a Vanderbilt University Medical Center report suggests that burnout is best combated when you address it early.

When you’re organizing the management structure at your healthcare organization, consider how you can empower your staff by giving them more control over day-to-day operations. And if a conflict arises in the workplace, always address the problem immediately and with empathy. If this continues to be a problem at your organization, it might be time to reassess your hiring strategy.

Eliminating burnout due to lack of control or conflict is straightforward. But figuring out how to reduce employee workload when there’s so much to do isn’t as simple. Luckily, health care loans were created to solve this problem.

Eliminating Burnout with Health Care Loans

Is your staff struggling with burnout? Health care loans reduce administrative burden by offloading the collections process to our expert loan providers. Contact Epic River today and find out how our patient lending program can help you banish burnout for good.

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